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Prepare to be inspired when you see, hear and learn from other hypnobirthing parents, teachers and midwives. You will learn so much from watching the incredible Hypnobirths we have for you in the HUB.

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Tamara Cianfini

Prepare for your Hypnobirth with Tamara Cianfini, a visionary Hypnobirthing expert, Teacher/Midwife Trainer, Nurse, Hypnotherapist, Birth Doula, Author, Founder of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and founder of World Hypnobirthing Day. After experiencing a traumatic birth and then a life changing hypnobirth, Tamara has passionately advocated for improving birth education and support.

Tamara's exclusive resources are designed to build confidence and help you feel more prepared to welcome your baby. Delve into her educational videos and learn how to relax with her soothing pregnancy relaxation sessions - a truly invaluable investment for both you and your baby.

With Tamara's support and wisdom, you and your partner can prepare for your unique birth experience in the best possible way, no matter where or how you wish to birth your baby.

The right education and the right preparation is the key to a positive birth! Tamara also teaches face to face private classes in Hertford, Herts and live and online via zoom. Email : to book your session with Tamara.

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    Tamara's Herts Workshop

    Join Tamara's 3-hour weekend workshop, located in a peaceful woodland just a few minutes walk from Hertford North station, for a unique chance to prepare with your birth partner. Together you will learn relaxation techniques and empowerment skills to confidently approach your birth as a unified team.

    Per Couple £195

    Gain access to the exclusive HUB, packed with 12 beautiful pregnancy relaxation sessions, a comprehensive hypnobirth guidebook, over 100 inspiring videos, breastfeeding class and invaluable postnatal education. Discover the power of unwinding, deepening your connection with your baby and applying life-changing knowledge. Please note, access may be slightly delayed for orders placed outside our working hours.

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