8 Types of mums in a birth preparation class

Mar 27, 2024 by Tamara Cianfini

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Joining a hypnobirthing class, you might expect to learn the ins and outs of breathing techniques and birthing positions, but what you don't expect is the sitcom-worthy cast of characters you'll meet along the way.

And trust me, with hormones soaring higher than a kite on a windy day, the personalities are as varied as the pregnancy cravings . So, while you're wrestling with the world's most complicated baby crib (why are there so many extra screws?), let me introduce you to the ensemble cast you're likely to bump into (pun intended).

  1. The Nature Mama Imagine someone who believes childbirth should be as natural as a waterfall in a rainforest. She's planning to transform her placenta into a smoothie that promises more energy than a double espresso. Labour? She calls it "the ultimate adventure," and she's ditching the pain talk for "waves of intensity." Hats off to her; she's aiming to breathe her way through with techniques and positivity.

  2. The Class Clown This dad's got jokes. He’s the one turning every tense moment into a laugh riot, making antenatal class feel more like a stand-up comedy show. He's the master of lightening the mood, even if it means his serious takeaways from class are a bit, well, sparse. But hey, he's got the group WhatsApp for dads sorted, and that's what counts, right?

  3. The Worry Warriors This couple has a question for every scenario, from baby brain to pain relief options. By the end of the course, they're aiming for zen-like enlightenment—or at least to stop googling "what if" scenarios at 3 a.m. Here's hoping their bundle of joy waits until they've mastered the calm.

  4. The Rulebook Royals They've read every baby book cover to cover and have schedules tighter than a jar lid. They're a tad serious and possibly think smiling at antenatal class is off-limits. But deep down, you know they're just keen to get everything right, down to the last nappy.

  5. Sunshine Sally She's been on cloud nine since the pregnancy test turned positive. Swollen feet? A reason to shop for new shoes. Missing wine? An opportunity to explore mocktails. Her optimism is so infectious, you might find yourself grinning, too.

  6. The Baby Brainiacs This duo could write their own parenting manual. They've got stats, facts, and a PhD in baby's brain development. While birth plans can go awry, their enthusiasm for learning is something to admire. Just remember, when it comes to parenting styles, it's all about embracing the variety.

  7. The "Are We Really Doing This?" Duo They're as surprised as anyone to find themselves on the verge of parenthood. Watching them come to terms with the reality of a mini-them is like watching a live reaction video. Unplanned or not, they're here for the ride, even if they're still figuring out the directions.

  8. The Chill Champs For them, the journey to parenthood has been a marathon, not a sprint. Their birth plan is more of a birth suggestion, and they're cool as cucumbers. If panic spreads in class, they're the ones reminding everyone, "Hey, it's all going to work out."

As you navigate the highs and lows of pregnancy, these characters become more than just fellow classmates; they're comrades in the wild journey of becoming parents. Who knows? Among them might just be your new best friend, ready to share in the joys, the fears, and the utterly bizarre cravings that make this adventure unforgettable. So, here's to finding your tribe among the most unlikely crew. May your antenatal class be as enriching as it is entertaining!

With warmth and wisdom

Tamara x

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