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Feb 8, 2024 by Tamara Cianfini

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If you have just found out that you have a baby on the way, HUGE Congrats!

Now, what would I say to a mum to be that I had just met, based on all of my years teaching, training others to teach and attending births? 

Firstly,embrace optimism, but hold it lightly—like a kite in the breeze. I had visions of a serene waterbirth, having prepared with the hypnobirthing method. I imagined the quiet power of those in the videos, but life, as in birth, writes its own script sometimes when I was told the pool wasn't available on the day. Fortunately, I had prepared for any curve balls thanks to my Hypnobirthing techniques. 

My own birthing voyage was a beautiful whirlwind of deep breaths, motivational whispers to my baby, and, yes, even a symphony of humming towards the end! I learned that noise can be a powerful rudder, steering through the waves of intensity, channeling positive energy.

Remember, no birth story should be a tale of 'failure.' Amidst the gentle ebb and flow of labour, there are no wrong turns—only paths we navigate with the best of intentions. I once believed that silence was the hallmark of a 'successful' hypnobirth, but I discovered that the true measure is in the authenticity of the experience.

The canvas of birth is vast and varied, and every parent paints their own picture. Some strokes are serene and hushed, others vibrant and vocal. Equip yourself with a palette of Hypnobirthing techniques and supportive birth partners who'll stand by you, no matter the weather.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to birth. Our stories are as unique as we are, and they all deserve to be celebrated, not measured against an idealised image. Prepare, yes, but also be open to the unexpected gusts of life.

Find your own anchor before the storm—what brings you calm, what makes you feel safe? In birth, as in life, our truest comforts often guide us home.

And finally, choose your crew wisely. Surround yourself with those who share uplifting tales of birth, who bolster your courage, not those who might capsize your spirit with their storms.

Birth is not just an act of bringing forth life; it's an act of bravery, a testament to our inherent strength. Embrace this voyage with an open heart and let the winds of birth propel you to shores of unimaginable joy. Remember, you are the captain of this journey—navigate it with love, resilience, and the knowledge that you are capable of weathering any sea. Hypnobirthing will help you reach your destination and achieve the right birth on the day!

And finally, have you downloaded my FREE online book yet? It's a great place to start any pregnancy journey. You can easily download it from the homepage of this website. It is my gift to you. Enjoy!
With warmth and wisdom
Tamara x

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