Expectant parents love listening to my 'Cove of Confidence' session

Dec 7, 2023 by Tamara Cianfini

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Okay, let's talk about one of the best parts of hypnobirthing prep – pregnancy relaxation sessions. Think of these as your mental spa days, where you get to kick back, destress, and focus on you and your precious baby.

One of my most popular sessions is called 'Cove of Confidence' and it's like gardening for your mind. During this session we're going to weed out all that fear and negativity, and in their place, grow some awesome confidence and positivity.

Throughout your pregnancy there may be times where you need a confidence boost. This session is for you to use as and when you need it. It is a gentle emotion release session and can be used if you are worried about anything in particular.

Experience a soothing emotional release when you listen to 'Cove of Confidence' designed to dissolve fears and negativity tied to childbirth or past experiences. Regain confidence, dispel troubles, and refocus on a positive outlook for your pregnancy and birth. Perfect for whenever you need a boost or when you're overdue, this session empowers you to embrace your journey with an unburdened heart.

With warmth and wisdom

Tamara x






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