Unraveling who you are and embracing change

Jan 23, 2024 by Tamara Cianfini

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Hey there wise one!

I've got something pretty amazing to share with you. It's deep, but I promise it's worth your time.

Let's dive into a simple yet powerful exercise. Finish this sentence:

"I am ________."

Fill in the blank as many times as you like, in whatever way feels true to you.

Why not jot down your answers? Trust me, the insight you'll gain at the end is eye-opening, but you've got to be all in.

All set? Let's take a peek at your list. You might see things like:

"I am a career woman."

"I am expecting."

"I am a partner."

"I am stressed."

These statements define who you are.

But, keep going, and you'll start hitting on different types of statements.

"I am overwhelmed."

"I am not ready."

"I am anxious."

Identity statements are hard facts – like being a soon-to-be mum. But judgment statements? They're just personal opinions.

Yet, these judgments start to blend into who we think we are, shaping our self-view.

Spotting these judgment statements – whether it's yours or someone else's – can really change how you see yourself, especially during this life-changing phase of parenthood.

"I am not ready."

But, are you always? Or do you just have moments of doubt?

If feeling unprepared is just a passing state, it suddenly seems less daunting.

If stress is something you feel...

rather than being a stressed person, it feels more like something you can handle.

Changing our actions feels more doable than changing our whole identity.

So, if you catch yourself saying, "I am [judgment]," let's talk about it.

Is it really you, or just something you feel from time to time?

This might sound small, but it's huge when you grasp it.

We can all change our actions, especially as we gear up for one of life's biggest adventures – parenthood.

With warmth and wisdom

Tamara x

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