Birth Breathing

Learning about birthing positions and proper breathing techniques for the final part of labour is important for the following reasons:

Pain Management: Proper positioning can help manage the intensity of labour. Certain positions can help open up the pelvis, align the baby, and use gravity to facilitate birth, reducing strain and potentially minimising pain.

Facilitating Progress: Different positions can aid in the descent and rotation of your baby, facilitating smooth progress. For example, upright or squatting positions can harness gravity, while side-lying or hands-and-knees positions can be beneficial for adjusting your baby's position if needed.

Breath Control and Energy Conservation: Breathing techniques whilst your baby is coming out are designed to manage the feeling and ensure efficient use of energy. Breath control can help prevent uncontrolled pushing and promote gentle, controlled pushes when your baby is ready to be born. This can reduce the risk of perineal tearing and help conserve energy for the final steps of birth.

Oxygenation: Proper breathing ensures good oxygen supply to both you and baby. Your baby, in particular, is transitioning from receiving oxygen through the umbilical cord to breathing air, so maintaining good oxygenation is crucial.

Promotes Relaxation and Focus: Controlled breathing and comfortable positioning help maintain a sense of calm, which is necessary to focus on the task at hand. This is particularly important in the final stages of labour when you can feel fatigued or overwhelmed.

Enhancing the Birthing Experience: Empowering you with knowledge about positions and breathing techniques can lead to a more positive and less stressful birth experience. Feeling equipped to actively participate in the process can provide a sense of control and satisfaction.

Understanding of various birthing positions and how to breathe can help you have more control over your birthing experience. This knowledge can help to manage pain, facilitates the birthing process, ensures good oxygen supply, promotes relaxation, and overall enhances the birthing experience.